Saturday, 25 January 2014

THE INK BLOT GUEST SPOT:Excerpt from "Desire's Detective" by Jacqueline Sapphire

Noelle stood trembling by the four-poster bed. She could not believe how anxious and nervous she felt. You would think she was a virgin, not a very experienced woman. She smoothed the soft silken bed-gown down over her hips, and arranged her fiery ringlets around her shoulders.

A quiet knock and Humphrey walked in. He was wearing a long brocade dressing gown and his long dark hair was loose from its usual ponytail, framing his strong face and gentle eyes.

In two strides he crossed the room, taking her hands in his.

“Oh my darling,” he kissed her hands tenderly, “at last, at last, you are mine!”

Tremulously Noelle raised her eyes to meet his adoring gaze.
“Humphrey...Oh, Humphrey! I...” She hesitated, “There is something...something I must tell you, darling.”

“Speak, my love, you know you can tell me anything.”

“I’m not...well, I’ve been...” Blushing Noelle lowered her face to his shoulder. Pressing her cheek against him, she whispered: “Darling, I’m not a virgin...”

“Oh my dear, my very dear, neither am I!”

Startled Noelle gazed up at him. Her emerald eyes filled with tears. “Humphrey, I have known many men...”

“It’s all right my love, so have I.”

“I...I...I mean...Carnally...”

“Yes, my love, me too.”

“But it meant nothing – nothing!” Noelle gasped as his meaning sank in. “ have?”

“My love...” Humphrey sank to his knees before her, “I have much to confess. My Father sent me to sea, with the British Navy as a young boy, it is a family tradition, you know, but...My ship was sunk by Turkish pirates and I was taken captive.”

With a sob, Humphrey hid his face against Noelle’s soft belly, “I’m so ashamed...” Gently Noelle stroked back his silky hair.

“Speak, my love, tell me all…I’m here for you.”

“They – they...I was so young...and pretty. Oh it was terrible, terrible...” Humphrey sobbed bitterly, “There was this big pirate, he...he...USED me, again and again...and I liked it...”

He raised his soulful eyes to hers. “He grew tired of me, and passed me on. I was a toy. A thing...of pleasure to rough men and then I was rescued, and I came back and said not a word to anyone, I was so ashamed...” His mouth trembled, “I never saw a woman I could love until I saw you, my beautiful Noelle.”

Noelle drew him to his feet. “Darling, we will start again, as virgins, together. We will be new creatures, reborn in each other’s arms...” She pressed her lips to his, passionately.

“Ehr, darling....there is just one little thing...” Humphrey blushed, “I’ve know...with a woman...”

by Jacqueline Sapphire

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