Monday, 13 January 2014


I tried to sleep
But the crazy kitten
Would keep
Scratching at the door
Begging for more

Really, you would think
A bowl would be enough;
And to be honest
It is nauseating stuff.
(I leave in the whiskers
And the bits of gristle)
But she's so greedy!

You would think
She is needy?
But I swear she had
A pint of unicorn milk
A few hours before,
Not to mention
The Mermaid-tail
Souffle and the
Crocodile stew?

I darn nearly ran out
And flew to Witch-Mart
To get more Bat-brew
And lots more diapers
Of the other stuff too.
Lemme tell you,
Girls, keeping a familiar
Is something I'm just so glad
I didn't get into earlier...

Manuela Cardiga

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