Sunday, 18 February 2018


Would it matter if I lied
And told you
I've said goodbye
To a hundred men before?

Would it matter if I cried
Whispered promises,
And gave myself
To you once more?

Would it matter if I sighed
Every time you passed me by?
Would it matter to you at all?

It's over you said
On that sour bed
Rumpled sheets,
Where my heart bled

It's over you said
And cast me aside,
Trampled my pride
And left me for dead.

Would it matter if I did
All the wrong things:
Ran to your wife,
Ruined your life?

Would it make you return
Would it change your mind
Would it make you mine?


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The Sultan's Tale by [Cardiga, Manuela]

Friday, 16 February 2018


The light struck
The sullen sky
High swirling
Turquoise high
And fragile flutters
Of swooning feathers
Tumble ecstasy,
Deceived to grief
By the brief illusion
Of a sudden Spring


The Match-girl and the Magic Pearl

I lit that nacreous fire
hypnotized by
the flare and glare
of that flowery flame

I lit that match
again and again
burning my fingers
sucking on that pain

I'm to blame
sitting in the dark
watching the spark
feed on my heart

I let it flow
let it glow
let it grow

I embraced the blaze
became the grace
of the angel with
the fiery sword,

I opened the way
to the holy garden
and the elegant charms
of the walking dead

The only way unjust systems perpetuate themselves is with the collaboration of the indifferent.

"Turquoise Moon"
Manuela Cardiga

Voicemail call box, Bad love detox

Was that you on the line
Not that I care
Just didn't want to leave
You hanging there

Was that you calling me
Thought you'd said
You wouldn't couldn't
Were cutting me out

Text in, call out
What do I care
Disconnect won't object
Was that you, or a ghost
Of that dead love.

Was that you needing me
Though it was way past 3
Were you alone with your phone
The way you never were with me?

Text in, call out
Your vacuous stare
I was invisible then
The woman who waited
In that room up the stairs.

That was me needing you
What did you care
Leading the dance
In your virtual romance

Text in, call out
Why should I care
Voicemail call box
Bad love detox

The number you are trying to reach is no longer available.


ripe with promise
barren of intent
flowering regret



Tinha eu pedido ao Senhor
Para me acalmar essa dor
E eis que levanto
O rosto enxuto
Ao colocar a flor de luto
Na tumba do nosso Amor

Sim eu sei que prometi
Que esperaria por ti
Mas tantas lagrimas corridas
Mar salgado de mentiras
Que esse amargo tempero
Afogou-me no desespero

Tinha eu pedido ao Senhor
Para me acalmar essa dor
E eis que levanto
O rosto enxuto
Consolado pelo calor
Do sol de um novo Amor

Sim eu sei que prometi
Que esperaria por ti
Não suponhas que menti
Mas foram tantos os tormentos
Sufocou-me os sentimentos,

E agora que chegou a hora;
Chora, chora tu por mim.


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Lamento da OUTRA

Cansada da vida.
Cansada de Deus
Das promesas ocas
Q'Ele me fez;

Cansada da dor
Cansada do amor
Das mentiras loucas
Q'Te ouvi gemer;

Cansada de ti
Cansada de mim
Desta caminhada
Sem futuro nem fim;

Cansada de ti,
Cansada de nós,
D'Este fado tosco
Esse pranto rouco
Q'Me rasga a vóz


The Culinary Adventures Of A Bi-Polar Bear

Twicky McQuicky was sprawled sunning herself on a lovely piece of crystal clear ice, lazily watching a rainbow unfurling on the soft powdery snow.

She was distracted, thinking of the Underwater MidOceanic Ball and who would win the ultimate accolade of the most beautiful seal in the world, and so she didn't see sneaky death approach.

Before she could say 'sardines on toast' a huge yawning mouth with shimmering white teeth and black lips was hovering over her.

The biggest Polar Bear she had ever seen was looming over her, and 3 seconds away from snacking on her head.

"Stop!" she screamed in desperation, "Please! I have mad-seacow disease?"

The huge white mass of fur and muscle paused suspend over her. "What?" rumbled that hoarse voice "What?"

"Mad-seacow," screeched McQuicky, " You don't want to catch that!"

"Where on Greenland did you catch that?"

"Iceland. I went to a little party and a jet-setting dugong slipped me some tropical fish...I should have said no, but..."

A huge paw tipped with razor-sharp polished black claws scratched thoughtfully at the Polar Bear's chin. "Mmmm...I've read about that! I'll just skip your skull and eat the rest!"

McQuicky waved her flippers in distress. "You don't want to do that! Imagine the risk! Besides, there's plenty of seals in the sea, AND I'm an endangered sub-species!"

A great guffaw erupted from the Polar Bear. "Do I look like a card-carrying member of PETA to you?"

McQuicky ran an eye over the Bear. He was wearing a fur coat and had the sleek satisfied look of a well-nourished carnivore, quite different from some of the scrawny vegan brown bears she had met in British Columbia the year before last at the Conservation Convention.

This bear lived on pure juicy seal protein and fat, not a berry or a mushroom had ever passed his ravenous lips.

"You should try something better than tough old seal...What you need is - is - is....PENGUIN!"

"Penguin," asked the Polar Bear with a frown, "What's that?"

"Oh the most delicious most succulent snack in creation! One of my cousins lives exclusively on them, Down under."

"Australia?" Sneered the Polar Bear, "as if!"

"Antartica," said Twicky McQuicky, "Emperor penguins, a right royal snack...and," she added cunningly, "You'll be the world's first Bi-Polar Bear!"


Agradeço ao Cavalheiro
Que me enche o mealheiro
Com as moedas e os trocos
Dos ensejos dos desejos passageiros

Agradeço e obedeço
Baixo os olhos levanto a saia
Gesto parco de convite
Ao ensaio desse gesto perentorio

Agradeço e convido
Levanto o ombro em desafio
Venha um venha mais outro
Velho, novo, doce ou torpe;

Agradeço, seja bemvindo:
Feio, belo, negro, branco,
Olhos rasgados e amarelo,
Venha cliente, quere-se - é urgente.

Agradeço ao Cavalheiro
Pois a fome que me é cara
Vem da agulha que me acalma,
Enterra-se na carne, sacia a alma.

Agradeço ao Cavalheiro
Que me enche o mealheiro
Desfazendo-me no corpo,
Gestos rudes, brandos roucos.

Agradeço eu, e agradeçe ela
Mulher casta doce e pura,
Que distante como a Lua
Espera na cama vazia
O regresso desse amor.