Thursday, 16 July 2020

Colin Kaepernick Killed George Floyd

Seriously, I mean
I blame Colin Kaepernick
It was all his fault
Wasn't it?

"Take the knee! Take the knee!"
All that blather and bother
And the dude did

He never realized
He wasn't supposed
To do it on George's neck
But then
Nobody's perfect
We're all on a learning curve, right?

Ye...Maybe that brave officer
was trying to straiten
race relations
the Kaepernick way
and now he's getting the blame.

These celebrities
Are all the same
They scream and blabber
But when the shit hits the fan
(or fans as it might be)
They are no-where near.

Ye...I blame Kaepernick
There's just one thing I don't understand
Couldn't the good officer see
that George cried uncle
When he called for his mother?

Playground rules, man.
Even Kaepernick knows that.