Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

There is no place in this world I would rather be than right here, in this moment; with all of this wonderful year of promise unfolding before me.

And if I ever had any regrets? Things I did, and went through, some so painful I can hardly believe it could be true; that such things happen?

Those regrets are gone, discarded. Not one step would I undo, because every stumble, every mistake and crumble in resolve brought me here, right here and to this now.

So like the man said: there are no mistakes, and no wrong ways.

And though I really don't know what comes next (and to be honest, I don't think I want to know) I do know enough to let go, step away from the railing, close my eyes and stretch out my heart. Rather than crawl through the mud, let us fly blind. Tell me, would you rather look with your inner eye and see life, love, delight? Or close your heart and see the loveless blight we live in when we neither love nor trust?

So here is my resolve: to be just as open to life as life has shown itself open to me. I hope I can be as generous too; and pass on the love I have received to who ever may be in need of a word or a hand, or a hug and a kiss, as I was. I hope I can contribute, throw back a bit of the magic I received into the pot for the next person who comes along.

Happy New Year

Manuela Cardiga

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