Sunday, 12 January 2014


How pretty and petty 
And vapid
And truly absurd 
Are the endless lists
Of your little concerns. 

This one didn't 
Say the right thing, 
And that one 
Forgets or spurns 
Your accomplishments 
At the fundamental 
You find so essential.

My failure or flaw 
Is not to discern 
How completely 
Absorbed I should be 
In the study of the rate 
Of how fast or slow 
You world turns. 

Not only that: 
I do not attribute 
The necessary 
To all you
To all that I do.
(But this is only
in the rare cases 
when what I do 
is a credit to you) 

Do forgive me... 
I don't mean to be 
Sassy or pert, 
It's just that it is 
Just so very tiring 
Living up 
To all you expect, 
When all I ever 
Asked of you 
Was that
You love me 
And just accept.

Manuela Cardiga

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