All About the Author

Oh how lovely! An excuse to talk about myself boastfully and not get reprimanded for vanity!

So who am I, what do I write, and why do I write it.
My name is Manuela Cardiga and I am a writer.
I also design, illustrate, sew, cook, mother a pre-teen, and juggle a day job. I don't do windows.

So what do I write? Now there you've got me....
All sorts, really.
I've written plays, musicals, short stories, essays, novellas, one full length novel, a movie-script and am half way through another novel.
Let me also shamefacedly admit to oodles of really bad poetry. Romantic, erotic and FUNNY poetry. Bad. BAD poetry.

Now I can just see you ask yourself the latest fashionable question with that hideous word in it: GENRE.
What genre does this female write? Let's put it this way: if you like "saucy"? Step into the kitchen with me...
It's sort of cheeky/chicky/chocky lit?
Sort of!

That's all I can tell you, except that I laugh myself silly as I write.
It's FUNNY stuff.
Sexy AND funny.
Very sexy.
And not low-fat.

One of my short stories (The Sultan's Tale) spent two weeks in the Top Hundred for Erotica/BDSM? I did NOT see that one coming... (no pun intended!!!)

I was lucky enough to be "picked" up and published by The Writer's Coffee Shop, the gals who discovered 50 Shades? Boy! was I flattered!
Although, lemme tell you straight off the bat, the only thing that gets whipped in my book - Guilty Pleasures - is the cream...

It's been a frantic two years; editing, writing, getting therapy...
(Yes, I have a day job; yes I have a pre-teen; yes, I have a maniacal giggle)

So WHY do I do this, you ask?
Why do I write?
Because I have to, because I love it.
Because I need to.
I write for you.

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