Monday, 13 January 2014

Salome's Siren Song - or how she got the guy's head on a platter along with his chopped up liver and lights

I will see you clearly, as I wish to; as I long to be seen.
I will see you simply, as I wish to, and perhaps simpler than what you are.

So let us detail the simple parts of one man: a head on a body; one mind, Polaris bright; one heart divided into all the named parts, all the labelled parts that sum total one heart; and another thing I sense divided but will not grasp.

This is how we shall be: you will tell me no lies I do not force from you; and I will offer you my truths with a generous hand. Your warmth is the very best part of you; that and that unapologetic strength, self-earned; and that intensity, all that fiery prophetic intensity. That is what I like in you; the way you mirror me.

I close my eyes and there you are. I see you quite clearly; and because I like what I see and do not see, I stepped into a dance. I suspend disbelief, as an act of will.

So shall we dance?
You wish to see all of me?
Play a slow beat, and an uncoiling melody, here are all my layered veils; and me with my sly silver sword and my silken smile. All the layers to myself, scarlet, gold, and fire, all the shades that burn; I press jasmine to my throat where the heat will release flower wraiths into the air and I arch into a slow dance.
There, I will not hide; myself or the razor-blade of my mind.
So as the silks fall away so we both stand revealed; for as you see, so are you seen.

But be sure you wish to dance, be sure you wish to see; be very sure you wish to be seen.
One last shimmer, a slow whirl, now do you see me?
Am I not worth the half-a-kingdom or even more?
But be aware I do not play the games. I don’t know how to, I never learnt.
So even as I stretch out my arms (and am I not moon-bright, and soft and worth the half-a-kingdom or more?) and I offer you my mouth, even so be sure you have not seen all.

Loosen the tunic at my shoulders, let the last veil fall.
Now do you see? Step closer. Can you touch?
There is nothing softer, nothing sweeter than all of me.
Is the bite of my kiss not worth the half-a-kingdom or even more?
Ask and I will give, and give all.

But be sure, be very sure; for once you have seen, blindness descends.

So look, I reach to embrace you and from my hand I will let my sharp foil tumble.
It falls, as we embrace, it falls.
And yours is the only blade.

But be wise, my love, if you love your life; for at that very moment we embrace, even then my misericord lies close to all the named parts; all the carefully labelled parts that sum total your heart.

Manuela Cardiga

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