Saturday, 25 January 2014


Well, this one day
I woke up
And there it was.

Rather like a pimple,
One of those
That sort of
Sneak up on you?
Small little bump
Right in the middle
Of your face?
And you think:
OKAY, ignore it!
That will go away...

So you dab
Some concealer
On the bloody thing,
And stand slightly
Sideways to your mirror
So you don't see it,
And put on
Brighter lipstick
(Slutty Scarlet)
To draw attention
Away from the thing
As big as a signpost
Sitting there
In the middle
Of your face?

The concealer thing
Works for a while,
And if you are lucky,
The thing goes away,
And no-one the wiser
To your fall from grace.

The other side of the coin,
Of course, is you go along
And one day the thing
Just explodes
(EXACTLY like a pimple)
Into the full bloom
Of all it's florid glory,
At the wrong time
And the wrong place;
And someone
Turns around and says
With the slightest trace
Of derision
"Look at that!
Poor thing!
And at her age?
That's got to be
The worse case
I ever saw of
Pimply love!"

Manuela Cardiga

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