Thursday, 16 January 2014


I just wanted some clarity. I wanted some light to come down from heaven and illuminate my path.
I wanted to see my way clear.

I suppose I am tired of stumbling forward in the dark, sometimes stubbing my toes, or bumping my nose into insurmountable obstacles.

I wanted clarity, and so I prayed; and though I have often been heard before, and answered (although to my chagrin the answer hasn't always been what I wanted to hear); this time the silence was deafening. I realised suddenly: my question, my plea was absurd.

What I was asking for was not clarity at all; I was asking for certainty.
I was taking the coward's way out.
I was edging my bets, holding back.
And that is not how it works.

There is no clarity, or certainty.

We are all as blind as bats in this twisted path.
We must stride out with confidence and trust anyway, hold nothing back.
And if we can't see the way and we stumble?
Well then, we get to rest for a minute.
We press our cheeks to that comforting ground for a second, then up we get.
Chin up, head back - and back on that track.

Manuela Cardiga

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