Saturday, 11 January 2014


I haven't had my tea yet!
Do you expect me
To just get out of bed
And solve a murder
Just like that,
When I haven't had
My crumpets
And kippers
And my marmelade toast?

Not to mention my tea!
Nice Bergamont tea.
With some lemon
And a drop of
Black-heather honey.

Not to boast,
But I am the very best
Detective yet
Exactly because
I will not face
Evidence or trace
Of villainous offence
Without the defence
Of the Queen of Rituals,
As far as victuals
are concerned.
So put away
That notebook,

I will not face
The errors or terrors
Of a murder investigation
Without that which has made
Of us a Great Nation!
Namely, my tea
and my English Breakfast!

Manuela Cardiga

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