Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Com os olhos velados de lágrimas
E as faces queimadas
Do sal dessa dor

Tropecei na calçada
Fiquei ali sentada
Pranteando o amor

Não penses que choro
O fim do namoro
O fim de nós dois

Choro a verdade
Que achava tão linda
E descubri depois

Vivia a mentira
Com tanta alegria
Que a queria real

Mas essa magia
Era fantasia
Que eu invetei

Se me vês aqui sentada
Nessa calçada
Sapatos na mão

Os olhos inchados
Labios rasgados
De gritos de dor

Não penses que choro
O fim do namoro
O fim de nós dois

Choro a pobre menina
Que tanto te queria
Que tanto sonhou

Não penses que choro
O fim do namoro
O fim de nós dois

Choro aquela menina
Que nesta agonia
Renasceu mulher

Manuela Cardiga

Sei que tens na tua vida
Mulheres mais belas, mais garridas,
Sem as marcas e as feridas
Dos malogros do Amor

Sei que tens na tua vida
Mulheres mais jovens, e mais ricas
Sem os medos, e os karmas
Das tragédias e da dor

Mas não me desdenhes,
Deixa que te acompanhe
Pois o que tenho para te dar
É sincero, e é raro...

Vi-te nessa viela,
Que é o trilho do desgosto
Que me assombra o rosto
E desfigura o coração

Vi um sorriso claro e limpo,
Olhar terno sem ardil,
Sem o véu de feitos impios
A toldar tua visão

Eu com o meu corpo já gasto
P´r esse caminho nefasto
De descrenças e desastres
Desta vida, fado vil

Vi nesse teu rosto tão lindo
Anjo suave, voz gentil
A prometida salvação

Ai não me desdenhes,
Deixa que te acompanhe
Pois o que tenho para te dar
É sincero, e é raro:
É o Amor.

Sei que tens na tua vida
Já traçado um caminho
Que não passa pelo meu

Sei que tens na tua vida
A promessa de alegria
Sem tristeza, mar de mel

Mas não me desdenhes,
Nesta breve encruzilhada
Deixa-me ser a tua amada,
Dá-me um sorvo do teu Céu

Mas não me desdenhes,
Nesta breve encruzilhada
Abre os braços e recebe
O Amor que Deus nos deu..

Manuela Cardiga

"There are holes,
holes, holes on me!"
Cried the toe-nail
Seeking therapy

The shoe-shrink
tapped a speculative
heel and frowned
"You need to keep
to solid ground!"

"You take things
Much too seriously.
You feel too much,
Hold on too tight
Grind into the
Fabric of life."

"How else can we live
But with intensity?"
Cried the distraught nail
Under its disguising veil
Of varnish glitter-glamour.

"Do as the heel does:
Play the fool, choose
A low-slung mule,
Avoid stilettos
Or any semblance
Of sharp wit
Or embracing affection
For the lamentably
Frail or short-lived
Sock, stocking
Or prosaic panty-hose."

"Think of the nose,
Who rather than
The erstwhile lace
Silk and linen hanky,
Now blows at
What will cause
It no distress to

"I...I cannot live like that!"
I can't! I need that tight
Embrace, that kiss
Of fate and faith!"

The shrink shoe curled
A derisive upper lip
and stroked at its
Elegant laces
"Well the, my dear,
Keep yourself trimmed;
Your emotions blunt,
And be bare
As much as you dare."


Monday, 18 September 2017

Strange. So many always stand in line at my door to get comfort, kindness, support, a helping hand... Yet, when once in a life-time my world cracks and sways, my heart breaks and my pain brays unlovely sounds, and there is absolutely no-one around.


A silver gull soared,
and I, unmoored,
saw no way clear
no leading light
to starboard;
to port, no welcome
shelter from
the nearing storm,
or writhing worm

A silver gull soared,
and I hoisted salted
veiling canvas, sails
much torn, frail-patched,
I waited for the shiver
but death becalmed
the world's wind and
left me marooned there.

A silver gull soared,
but no line beckoned
from the strange horizon,
no dividing sign between
the blurring sea and sky
seized my burning eye
"It was a gull," I cried
"Silver, no raven dark
croaking "Nevermore""

A silver gull soared,
forsworn from any
Stricken colors, and
widow's weeds
float and tangle
sinuous limbs
on my broken rudder

A silver gull soared,
and a disdainful
mermaid flipped a
diamond-scaled tail,
dolphined away from
my stricken deck -
no treachery this,
for all know the guilt
is all of the listing wreck.

A silver gull soared,
and I am unmoored:
So drift then, box that
dizzy compass
let in those salted
waves of tears but
remember the rich
and jeweled treasures
stored beneath

A silver gull soared,
but left a trove:
strings of gilded hours
a book of mysteries
no God answers and
no prayer asks; and
gallons of dark rum
in memory-jointed
sugar-scented casks

A silver gull soared,
My dirty canvas wings
may scuttle-limp
through thicker air,
but I learned that skill
from still-winged
silver-winged glory.
It is true I'll never soar,
but look! I float.


Sunday, 17 September 2017

There are choices that cannot be made by the intellect, but must follow the blind passions of the just heart.

Goddess of War


towers crash
and smash hope
dash belief
crack the whirling
scope of galaxies
to the deep
into something small
something vague
something like
a shallow paper cut
in shade and shape
that bleeds continuously

bleeds vapid violet ink
fake pain, false disdain
from a kick-started
once discarded heart