Wednesday, 9 July 2014

TWO VIRGINS - An Ode to John and Yoko

Let us now set aside 
Our separate pasts
Here let us begin:
Two virgins.
No masks
Will I set before you,
Nor will you wear mine.

Let us set the stage
Here sit you, Sir, right there-
Now: pour out the wine
A toast and we shall
While away this very night
In high argument 
And metered rhyme.

Do your worst, 
Be not kind
Throw at me 
Your sharpest arrows
Lay caltrops fit to pierce 
My mincing pride,
Stretch my vanity 
On the vivid rack
Of your integrity.

I swear with equal passion 
I will reply
“Think you so to best me, Sirrah! 
Not I!”

Lean forward into the light
Bring down your brows
Fix well my face,
Ignore the vile distractions
As our traitor hands 
Conspire to trace
Another story 
In each others palms.
Ignore them!

Mold your discourse:
Oh I beg you 
Do your very worse
Bite out your every word 
With rapier grace;
Lay out your argument,
All the intricacies of lace.
Make me earn my victory,
So while our fervid minds contend
Our gentle fingers touch, 
And still we pretend.

I now lean in to deliver 
One final triumphant jibe,
And find my own hand blocks it
Fingers spread wide;
Hopelessly, helplessly 
Trying to hide,
My mouth - swollen 
And pregnant 
With kisses:
It also will not lie.

Manuela Cardiga

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