Sunday, 13 July 2014

And last but not least, how to get ahead in today equal-opportunity for women world!!!!

EROTIC CAPITAL - A Tribute to Catherine Hakim

"Steady on those heels!"
The Sargent screams
Stomach in!
Wiggle those hips
Show me some skin!"

"This here is
Not one of
Your stupid
Little girl dreams!
So you bitches
Thought an IQ
Was enough?
Forget it girls,
This world is

"You Grandmother
Picketed Capitol Hill
Burned her bra
And screamed for the Pill?
Read a "Woman's Room"
"The Female Eunuch"
And that made her cool?"

"Well gals, let me
Tell you-all the truth!
The New Rule
Is the same
As the OLD RULE!
You want to get ahead?
You gotta make men drool!"

"It's not enough that
You can out-think, out-work
Or out-drink the stupid dicks,
You got to entertain...
And I don't mean
With your brain."

"You gotta tint
Those nipples
And pout those lips!
And on that note...

"Go shave your legs
And don't even think
To miss ONE SPOT
I don't take slop
In my Company!
You-all be back
At OH-eight hundred,
Captain Divine
Will give us some tips
On how to use
Those lips
To get a-head.
YES! Number One
That was a pun!
I'm still a woman,
Sensitive and fun!
So get on the phone
And practice
A husky tone...
Its time to enrol
In the Erotic Capital

Manuela Cardiga

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