Saturday, 19 July 2014


The sensually Awakened are not promiscuous. Quite the opposite: in fact, they are even more selective than the ascetics. Promiscuity is a symptom of the frustrated frantically searching for fulfilment, be it emotional or sexual; and which is always - always - just out of their reach.

The Awakened demand a richer meal: a delicate balance of love, humour and desire in their lives - and in their beds - which cannot be provided by the casual, and casually satisfied, visits of transient carnal desires.

I challenge you to a little experiment: step forward in your own flesh. Abandon the fortress you carved out for yourself in your skull. Slide along your skin. Feel how your flesh moves in the world, and how the world moves around you. Become: be awake-aware in that osmotic barrier permeable to sensations and dreams that is your skin. Press yourself forward to your lips, from the inside feel the flutter of your mouth; the slow watery stirring of your tongue. Open your eyes. Your real eyes. Inhabit your body, encase it, rather than be encased by it. Awaken. Awakened you are living NOW, completely. Not yesterday with its pains, or tomorrow, with its fears; you live NOW with a promise of dizzy revelation.

Don't be afraid to embrace yourself - your senses- in this way. The Awakened wholeness of spirit-flesh you become is so in love with life and itself it holds every moment too precious to waste. The Awakened are, by nature and necessity, chaste.

Manuela Cardiga

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