Thursday, 10 July 2014


You can imagine
My surprise
When my shrink
Just plain refused
To analyze
My new craving.

The man went raving
Mad- proverbially
Mad as a hatter!
Can you believe that?
And threw down
His notebook and pen
With a clatter,
Tore out his hair
And screamed:
“It does not matter
To me one jot
If a polka dot
Is a spot or a blot!”

Let me tell you
I was so shocked!
“Get out”
He screamed
“Out! For I swear,
You stupid bitch,
My trigger finger’s
Developed an itch
And I just can’t decide
If I blow you away,
Or beat you
Within an inch
Of your stupid
Futile life!”

I was a little miffed,
So I left, taking
With me all
My swatches
Of spots and dots,
And blotches?
I’m rather saddened.

My passion
For the beauty
Of patterned
Fabrics and
Decorating life
Is so ill-received
By a man trained
To perceive
The deeper truths of
The human psyche?

It is really very,
VERY sad.
Next week,
I will try gingham.
Surely he can’t
Find fault
With that?

Manuela Cardiga

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