Sunday, 20 July 2014

Roman Phase: Military ways, now-a-days, or back in the days.


I say goodbye
To my wife.
I will strap on
My caligula,
My helmet, my pack
Turn my back
On putrid Rome.

The Quarter-Master
Gave me a dented
Helm, with the felt
Rotted and mended
And when I complained
He politely explained:
"You Capita Cenci
Arses want to walk
In and make
You want comfort,
To fit just right?
You go
To the Subburra
Get yourself fucked
There instead;
Here you lucky
I don't break your
bloody head!"

So I left
And here I am.
Pour me another!

Yes, tomorrow
I say goodbye
To my wife;
We're headed North,
North, with Varus,
Cause Augustus
He is taking
This measuring
Up to his Daddy
Real serious.

Great Caesar, now!
There was a man!
Ate with us,
Marched with us,
Fought and bled with us.
Once he even joined us
In this place in Alexandria...

Never mind that!
He was a man.
I would have followed
To any land.

These Germans, now...
They not like the Gauls,
Or the Italians,
Good warrior folks.

These blokes
Won't shame us
Under the yoke:
If we lose,
They take
Our heads off
With a single

So tomorrow I say
Goodbye to my wife.
I'm a bit nervous
And it's not like
I'm new to the life;
Third stint
With the Legions:
A thirty-year man.
But this time...

I don't know why.
It could be
That Varus
Isn't worth a wart
On Caesars cock;
His Senate stock
Is higher, and his
Cognomen prouder
Than his military
Roll of honour.
(though mind you
Caesar was a Patrician,
And a  real one too)

But enough of that!
I still got some
Things to pack
And tomorrow
I say goodbye
To my life.

Manuela Cardiga

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