Friday, 2 January 2015

My Novel "MANscapes - Journey into Light" is now available on SMASHWORDS!

"All women - from the most exquisite beauty to the plainest drab - want to believe in the Cinderella myth. Even the harsh-faced and sour-hearted, somewhere deep in their night-time struggles with their bitterest reality, dare to dream some Prince could still see past the dense veil of unkind nature and time, to the delicate, frail-hearted beauty within."

But Clara wasn't Cinderella, waiting for her Prince, she was Sleeping Beauty poisoned by a deadly kiss: eighteen year-old Clara is date-raped, and her violator claims it was consentual...

When she finds herself pregnant, her family pressures her into marriage and Clara's ordeal begins.

After 24 years Clara awakens from the nightmare of her abusive marriage and discovers her life unfolding miraculously. But the true miracle is her own blossoming: the maturing of a frightened abused girl into a strong woman capable of love, laughter and joy.

Travelling to live out a girl-hood dream of becoming an artist in Tahiti's exotic landscape, Clara finds her way from darkness to incandescent light, embracing in herself the strength of choice, and the power of decision.

"MANscapes - Journey into Light" is a powerful parable of hope and renewal, a story of one woman's discovery of herself and her journey into love.

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