Sunday, 11 January 2015


Not long a go I wrote a piece about how I believed comedy to be the only effective weapon against monsters, tyrants, and fanatics.

Sadly, it now seems I was right, and the proof is that those very same creatures have targeted the very people they know can expose them for what they really are: RIDICULOUS.

You see, when you send an army, or a diplomat, or an assassin with a gun against these people you are empowering them; you are ceding them stature, dignity and credibility they would not otherwise have. 

Men like these are by nature small, minute, diminutive. 
There is no measure for their tininess. 
There is.

Take a sharp pencil, and poke a dot at a blank sheet of paper. 
See that speck? 
That is what they are, and THAT is the only effective weapon with which to defeat them. 
The point of a pencil wielded by a sharp mind.

And they know it. 
Bullets and blood bloat them, enlarge their importance in their own eyes, and that of the world; but an Artist...

Ah,,,There is an enemy they cannot defeat!
An artist can make them RIDICULOUS, and SMALL, and worse. They look SILLY.
Alas, these people have not enough dignity or true belief to laugh at themselves.

They cannot afford it. They are so vapid and paper thin, there just isn't enough enough substance to their arguments to brave an honest debate. 
How it must grate!

To be JUST bright enough to understand you are not even close to bright enough to understand what it is you are proposing to fight for...
GOSH! That sounds complicated!

Here is a simple rule of thumb for the dummy with a gun:
If you have to raise your voice to defend your point of view, your argument holds a flaw...
If you have to raise a gun, then you know you are outright WRONG!
If you feel the need to impose your ideals as religious law...
Need I say more?

Now, if someone like one of Charlie's Angels got hold of you, and trapped the truth of you in smooth lines on a page, chances are even your mother would be biting her lips to suppress a giggle every time you walked by...

That is the biggy here.
Not that these incredible visual commentators insulted their beliefs; but that the commentators very shrewdly point out that the flaw is NOT in the beliefs, but in the HOLDERS of these beliefs. 

These HOLDERS are so small and ridiculous and lacking in substance that they avidly embrace a Truth some wiser man proclaimed and make it their own. 

Not having a true understanding, they become fanatics. 
Lacking discernment, they become prisoners to rigidly held rules they immediately call LAWS.
Lacking the flexibility true understanding brings, they have no humour.

All Truths are relative. 
That is the greatest Truth. 
The only Truth.
Humour hinges always on our placing our personal Truth on a wheel and giving it a spin.
Seeing how it looks from the other side, have a giggle at yourself, and walking around with a grin.

Humour is a great equaliser.
If we can laugh together, we can live together.
And so, of course, they cannot allow humorists to live.

They sent out men with guns to fight the men with the whimsical pencils.
Guns and bullets, they sent; a hail of lead, and blood was shed.

Silly! Don't they know this one Truth?
Legions cannot defeat Empires, you do not bring down tyrants with swords.
You can only destroy them, and their cruel legacy with words.
And aren't pictures worth a thousand words?

So they killed Charlie's Angels.
Do they think that by creating martyrs to the cause of truth they defeat us gigglers?
That they can drown out the sniggers in a wave of blood?
Well, you can kill, and shed our blood, spill it if you like.
They do say blood is thicker than water, but I have news for you.We bleed ink.


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