Monday, 15 September 2014

Review on Amazon for "MANscapes- Journey into Light"

Format:Kindle Edition
Interesting story... somewhat disturbing but at the same time hopeful. I would not recommend this to anyone who likes to avoid the subject of rape in their books. The husband/father was a peculiar and disturbing individual who had a disturbing rape fetish. It made me extremely uncomfortable... which probably was the point!
After 23 yrs of enduring nightly assaults from her husband Clara finally finds the courage to leave. She ends up finding solace in Tahiti where she rediscovers her love for art and finally grows to become a free woman who learns to love.
This author has a talent for writing stories that are unique and full of eccentric and unusual characters. I loved her book Guilty Pleasures for that very reason... it offered something a little different and it was interesting and entertaining. Definitely not like anything I've ever read before. This book was the same experience, just a little darker in content. I will admit that while I was intrigued by the story itself, I did have trouble connecting with the characters. The colorful and artsy descriptions sometimes overwhelmed me.
I know for certain that this will only appeal to a particular audience. So, not really sure who to recommend it too... except those who like to occasionally step outside the box of your more traditional romances. This would be a good choice for a book club. Lots of interesting issues that would make for some colorful debates and discussion. Especially in regards to Clara, our leading lady... very much a victim who finds her way back from dark to light.

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