Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Regarding African Heritage, here is something I want to say.

I think I will upset and offend many people, but it is what is in my heart and mind.

I have been to the United States many times over the years, and have American friends and family. Some are white, some black. The Black Americans speak of themselves as Africans. As having an "African Culture". It horrifies me.

I am African, as much as most white or black Americans are Americans. I am the fourth woman of my line born in Africa, my daughter is the first born out of Africa in 130 years.

I am African in every sense. I have realised that since I came to Europe, and started moving in what was supposedly "my" European Culture. 

I am African, and I am proud of it; proud of the dignity and the politeness, and the kindness of African Culture.

I am proud of the respect we show to each other and ourselves, I am proud of our joy, our dance, our music, our art; our talent, our ability. Mostly I am proud of our ambition.

I am proud that our children want to improve themselves, reach the world, excel. I am proud that it is easy to pick out black Africans from the midst of European and American-born and raised black people. Africans distinguish themselves by their posture, their pride, their dignity and self-respect.

I see no similarity between the Black American Culture and African Culture. None. 

The Black Americans have sadly embraced a vision of themselves that was imposed on them. They take pride in speaking badly, in taking on a low posture. Their youth dress and talk like delinquents and prostitutes, they call each other "motherfucker" and "whore". They call each other "nigga". They speak the language of their oppressors, they speak the language of slavers, they are wearing manacles of their own devising. Worse...Our African children see this way of speaking, dressing, the attitude presented in movies, TV and music videos as "cool" and to be emulated.

This is to be pitied, not copied. 
Cling tight to your own values. 
Be proud of your African Culture. 
Be what you are. See others for what they are.
You need bow down before no-one in this world.
No one can equal you in dignity, in worth.
Be proud.
Be African.
Black, White or any shade.
Be yourselves.
I am.

Now, you can throw your stones...

Manuela Cardiga

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