Saturday, 27 September 2014


A man killed his wife,
His trouble and strife,
And for that
He should get life?

Not a chance!
Just one glance
At Defence Exhibit A
A picture reported
To portray
The alleged Victim
At the time
Of the attack
And his Honour

"For 30 years
You were married

"Why! The crime
Is more than explained!
You cannot be blamed.
The woman was
Patently insane
To think
You'd sustain
The marriage
Once her tits lost
Their upright carriage."

"For better or for worse
Does NOT include
A figure grown coarse!
(unless it's
You own,
Of course!)"

"These women
Must learn
To go quietly
And not think
To demand
Their just
Or namely,
Their cut
Of the loot!"

"That is a hoot!
If she's had half
A brain she's
Have signed
Her rights away
And there
Would have been
No need
For the knife
That ended
Her stupid life."

Manuela Cardiga

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