Sunday, 4 May 2014

This is it! I did it! I'm a FAMOUS AUTHOR AT LAST!

Well hello!
This is it...
An Author Page!

That and about a million rejection slips is how you know you have ARRIVED!

Also my access to potential victims is wildly increased!

So lets have fun! Apparently the point is to promote my book?
So this is how I intend to get you all hooked:
Everyday I will post something new.
It may be a scrap of a story a weird poem, a drawing or a recipe that is so deliciously, sinfully strange you will HAVE to try it out!
And today, since it's the first day, I'll do all three!


There will be continuous references to GUILTY PLEASURES and a freaky subliminal posting that will hum around your brain like that song by Katrina and the Waves: BUY MY BOOK/ BUY MY BOOK/ BUY MY BOOK/ BUY MY BOOK/ BUY MY BOOK/ BUY MY BOOK...

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