Monday, 12 May 2014


I have been questioning the basic premise of religion and the search for God, and the belief in divine love.

We reach for it - that is certain - we ache to connect to some ultimate source of Universal Love. The very fact that we long for that establishes it (for me) as a reality beyond a shadow of a doubt. The other impulses that drive us as ardently - namely reproduction and hunger - are essential to the survival of the individual organism, and therefore the continuation of the species.

So why the drive to unite with the intangible universal light?
What basic necessity is served?
How does that improve the species' ability to survive?
It doesn't, really, yet it is so universal.
It is at the very center of every human culture.

And then I realised WHY.
It just feels like the truest thing there is, and when I see through the frail veil of human faces a glimpse of that same divine light, I understand why we all fight to love.


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