Saturday, 10 May 2014

HEY! #1 on Romance at B&N Nook Book with "Tango with a Rose"!

Romance Nook Books

1.Tango with a Rose ( Romance ) by Manuela Cardiga. (THIS IS ME!!!!)

2.Loving From Afar ( Romance ) by Mona Ingram.

3.Marriage by Contract Part 1 ( Romance ) by Sandra Steffen.

4. The Jumbie House ( Romance ) by Pamela Fagan Hutchins.

5. The Last Lord Of The Moors ( Romance ) by Isabella Brooke.

6. Second Chances ( Romance ) by Wendy Thomas.

7. That Damn Duke ( Romance ) by Alexandria Grant.

8. My Boyfriend is a Monster ( Romance ) by J.H. Coates.

9. The Dancer, The Gentleman And The Godson (Part 1) ( Romance ) by Catherine James

10.Finally ( Romance ) by Matthew Burgos.

"Would you like to dance with me? Now - or some other night. I’m sly-stepping up to invite you: come do a phantom Tango with me. I stand here in the dim light: tall heels, black dress - a froth of chiffon, so light you can glimpse the shadow between my thighs; and the intricate lace cuffs of my black stockings flirt with your sight. Come join me: step towards me, into the light..."

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