Monday, 20 March 2017

The Chronicles Of A Middle-Aged Vampire Part 10

The camel-faced butler held open a door and gestured us into yet another luxuriously appointed parlour.

Sitting enthroned on a giant green velvet Chesterfield was a man. A very short man whose feet didn't reach the ground but swung merrily ten centimetres over the intricately patterned silk Persian carpet.

"Come in, come in!" He had a round face and a large hawkish nose, a close trimmed beard and sharp, observant -yet kindly eyes.

"Doc!" Cried Donnie, practically running to the man and nearly tripping over his own feet. he bent down to wring his small but masculine hand between his own. The man kissed Donnie on both cheeks and jumped down from his seat.

"My dear Lady, welcome! I am Alphonse Bernette."

"Doctor, Greta Schultz."

"Charming!" He gripped my hand in both of his and beamed up at me. "Lovely!"

I found myself blushing under his approving smile. I cannot remember when a man had looked at me and seen Greta. A woman called Greta who was still charming, lovely, desirable.

"Doctor, Donnie has told me all about you. He tell me you will explain all this baffling mystery..."

"Alphonse, please!" He twinkled up at me, "Perhaps even Al. Do sit!" He indicated a chair next to his and clambered up not ungracefully into his own.

"You've just been turned, yes?" I nodded, "And you are confused, frightened, bewildered; but believe me all will be clear and you will soon be enjoying your new life very much indeed!

He leaned forward and tipped me a naughty wink, "And there is so much to enjoy!"


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