Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Chronicles Of A Middle-Aged Vampire PART 8

So here I was driving down-town at dawn in a canary-yellow Porsche driven by a gawky Vampire... I cringed down in my seat.

Donnie was a careful driver, I'll say that for him, and never accelerated over 40 m/ph...

After a long and silent drive (I couldn't think of anything to ask, and he had nothing to say) we pulled over in front of a tall 18th century brick building with a discreet bronze plaque: The Vermilion Club - Members Only.. Right. Okay...

Donnie knocked and the high door was promptly opened by a tall man in a penguin suit.VERY CLASSY!

Inside it was all hushed high ceilings, Persian rugs, polished wood and the deliciously faint aroma of bee's wax, fine Brandy and good cigars. These Vamps sure lived the life! It was the perfect picture of an exclusive Gentleman's Club.

The tall man eyed me with a certain elitist disdain and sniffed.
"A new member, Mr Donald?"

"Ehr...Yes..." Dorky Donald actually looked apologetic! I obviously did not fit in with the Club's image. "This is Mrs Valginsky..."

"Greta, Greta Schultz", I cut in sharply. I was taking back my name, and this new life would be on MY terms."

Donnie led me down the hall into a plush reception where a genteel-looking white-haired lady presided over a gigantic antique walnut desk.

White-haired, but with a very young face - surely no more than 40.
The woman looked me up and down too, then applied a smile to her patrician features.

"Welcome to the Vermilion Club, your new home from home for Eternity!"


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