Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Chronicles of A Middle-Aged Vampire PART 4

The man was worried I'd make a mistake? I'd already murdered my husband, how much more of a "mistake" could I make?

I sat up slowly, expecting my head to explode in pain and felt nothing. No twinge from the stitches, no throbbing from the bruised bone of my skull. I felt great.

I squinted my eyes to get a better look at my earstwise "attacker". "What do you want?" I asked, "Haven't you done enough?"

He stepped forward and into the dim blueish glow of the presence light over my bed. "I'm sorry, I must apologise again, but we need to talk. There is much I have to explain to you..."

"You certainly do! Like what you were doing in my bed, and what you did to me. I killed my husband, do you realise that? Tore his neck out and drank up his blood."

The man nodded and started wringing his hands again. I had a feeling it was a habitual gesture and very annoying. "I'm sorry..."

"Stop saying that!" I snapped, "And lets get to what matters: What did you do to me?"

He hummed a bit and shuffled from foot to foot. " I...That is...I turned you. Into a Vampire."

"Right!" I snapped, " So where is the glowing skin and the instant face lift? Where are the fangs?"

"Oh!" He said, " The fangs take time, and I'm afraid the other stuff is only propaganda..."


"Well, it seems that a couple of hundred years ago the Council did a recruitment drive. They sort of promised eternal beauty along with eternal life.."

"And it's all crock, of course?"

"Not the extended lifespan. That is quite true. But the rest? How you are is how you stay. For as long as you live."

"What? Warts and all?"

"Yes, exactly!"

"And saggy tits?"

"I'm afraid so...Hence my myopia."

"I see."

"Which is why Sheila was such a wonderful candidate! She's so beautiful, so perfect!"

"Yes...Isn't she?" I am ashamed to say that there was a trace of acid to my tone, " Thank God for plastic surgery!"

"Erh.... I'm sorry to tell you..."

"You spend a lot of time being sorry, have you noticed?"

He blushed blue. believe it or not and stammered: "Ye-ye-yes...Bu-but I really am! You see, the body allows no changes. What ever you get done it will revert to the original state at turning in 24 hours."



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