Monday, 3 August 2015


WHY do things happened?
Why did the world do liddle me sooo wrong?
Why am I a constant victim of the ill-intentioned and the abusive?

Awful questions aren't they?
And it feels good to ask these question, doesn't it?
To be honest I whine: WHY! WHY! WHY!!!!
Like I said, it feels good because it removes responsability for our circumstances from our hands.

We know what happened, we know the outcome; but why do strong and intelligent person like us get drawn into these situations in the first place?
Because we WANTED to be deceived.

Always remember that, we are our deceivers and abusers’ best ally. Our lack of self-esteem opens the door, and our eagerness to be loved and accepted and valued holds it wide open.

SO howzabout WE love and respect and value ourselfves FIRST?
So when those smarmy shits come swishing around with that wide-eyed charm whining for a second chance we don't fall for their shtick.
We kick them where it hurts, slam the door and shout: FUCK OFF!!!


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