Monday, 3 August 2015


A Friend spoke of death.
He is afraid of that Dark, I think.

He asked me what I think of Death, and here it is:

There is no Death. There is no end, there is only a moment when we take a deep breath, a pause before we begin again.

You ask: is there Life after Death?

I tell you:
There is only Life after Life.

We are immortal ambition in a sleeve of flesh, so when our sleeve becomes ragged, we wear another.
The moment we call Death is only the space of a breath when we stand naked; that one breath.

So, my dear, there is no space in this moment of Living Life for the agony of fear or regret.

Fear only fear, for fearing Death we stop living.
Fearing Death, we forget we are blessed with NOW.
In fear of the Dark we huddle, and forget to dance the sunlight hours.

Dance faster as the Evening draws near, stamp your feet, rise high your hands, let silken dust raise veils of applause as you whirl.

Wild stars twirl the heavens around your head, so be drunk on them; be alive, be here, now.
Live your Life.

Manuela Cardiga

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