Friday, 31 July 2015


He was a Russian
With concussion
Who'd been hit
With an instrument
Of percussion...

You may ask yourself
Why it is relevant:
Why a Russian,
And not a Prussian
Or a citizen of the Levant?

What made the culprit
Hit the man on the pulpit?
Was it that he blessed
From right to left?
Or that funny black hat
With a cleft?

God don't know neither
And from as far as
The ice to the tropics
To the forests of cedar
The question was asked
Again and again:

Why the Russian?
Was it because
The roof of the church
Was polychrome?
And the dome
Like a cross
Between an onion
And a trombone?

Was it religious?
A seditious attack
To vindicate the outrage
Of a Chechen?
Or to proclaim
The continued strife
For the rights of Man?

"Look here do I really
Need a reason?
It was a spur of the moment
Purely emotional decision
The guy wouldn't shut up
About a season for this
A season for that..
And I left home this morning
With out taking my lithium..."

"But just so you don't think
I'm anti-religious, Doctor,
Tomorrow I take my Bongo
And beat up a man
From the Congo
Any idea were I can find one?
It's all in the spirit
Of religious equallity
And good clean fun!"


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