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Author: Wairmu Mwangi
Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance
Publisher: WDA Publishing


Claire and Ida are two beautiful bright young women at odds with tradition and the expectations of their families and communities, fighting for love and to fulfill their ambitions.

But young women are faced with choices at every turn, and one misstep can lead them to their doom...

Can you make the right choice against what is in your heart?
Can you live with the consequences of putting love above what you know is right?

This captivating and unusual love story takes us from Kenya to America and back again,
as Claire and Ida fight for happiness and a future beside the men they love.

The price for a misstep is high, and one of them will pay it; and the ultimate revelation
will either free, or destroy the next generation...

About the author: 

Wairimu Mwangi is a brilliant young Author, well-known in her Native Kenya for her books

directed at young children and adolescents. Wairimu is a Journalist by profession; she
started writing at a very young age encouraged by her Father, and hasn’t stopped since.
She is deeply commited to spreading the love of books and learning through out her community, and is engaged in starting a Foundation promoting AFrican Literature and literacy.

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Ida was the only daughter of Mr. Shaaban, who was a shopkeeper at Matunda village, while her mother was a small scale farmer in the same village. She had two elder brothers who lived in Khalama. The elder brother was also a shop keeper, while the younger one was still trying to get a job as a doctor.
She had been brought up in a Christian family and was educated up to secondary school level.One fateful day, when she was in the third grade, she had been sent home by the boarding school management to collect the school-fees balance of the year, and as chance would have it, she had gotten acquainted with Malvis.
She had walked home that day, scuffing her school-shoes through the white dust of the clay road, worrying about the money, inwardly praying for her brother - who was still unemployed - to get a job.
Over her, the green branches of the acacias danced in the breeze, showering down spirals of red blossoms to stain the long bright road ahead. So engrossed in her thoughts was she, that she didn’t realize that she had dropped her school identity-card until a young man, slightly older than her brother, stopped her.
“Hello there! How are you?” he hailed.
“I am fine, thank you,” she replied.
“But to me, you don’t look all that fine, maybe I could be of help,” he offered cheekily.
“I am not sure what help you think I might need, besides we are strangers,” Ida countered smartly.
“I see you are in your school uniform, have you been sent home due to lack of money for the school fees?” he persisted.
“Stop bothering me with impertinent questions,” she retorted, getting irritated by his inquisitive nature. “If there is anything you wish to say, get on with it, and be gone!”
“Hey don’t get angry! I was just interested. By the way, I am Malvis Mathenge, better known as Mr. Mathenge to my pupils at Masomo primary school. I bet you have heard of the school. But you don’t have to be formal with me; you can just call me Malvis.”
“Mr. Mathenge; am okay with that if it is what you wanted to know. I am…”
“No need for that, Ida,” he interrupted her.
“And why is that?” she asked, a tinge of irritated embarrassment evident in her voice. “And how do you know my name?”
“Because…” and he handed her the identity card. She looked at him suspiciously. “Don’t get the wrong impression of me,” he said defensively. “I just found it, and thought it must belong to you since you are the only student on the road at this moment.”
Her lips parted in a grateful smile as she thanked him prettily: “Thank you Mr. Malvis Mathenge!”
“Just Malvis, please, Ida…”


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