Monday, 30 March 2015

BRILLIANT REVIEW for "LONESOME ME" by Oyez Olatunde Rex! Highly Recommended!

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Raw and elemental life - growing up the hard way

By Ian Mathieon March 22, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Being written in African vernacular English gives Lonesome Me a charm of its own and makes it an interesting read once you get tuned in to the author's voice.
Rea's description of his dysfunctional family and his resultant straying into incipient criminality is as amusing as it is alarming, and the reader feels almost obliged to share his bereavement when his aberrant parents some to a sticky end and he is left all alone in the world. It was interesting to see that, like teenagers the world over, he rebelled against against the kindly influences which set out to help him conform and find a place in the world, until recognition of their value finally came from an unexpected source, and he began to grow up. Other parents might so easily have given up on him, but the saintly Sister Monica, having committed herself to his future, never failed despite numerous disappointments, and offers an interesting counterpoint to his erratic behaviour.
A literary masterpice this isn't, but it is a good read, as the author is a consummate story teller. He weaves an intricate net of detail and emotions into his tale, which brings it vibrantly to life and shows life in a Nigerian city environment in its most raw and honest state. I shall look forward to seeing how this writer develops in future years, and expect good things from him.

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  1. ''an interesting and deeply informative read '' - City Spotlight Magazine Reviews