Friday, 12 December 2014

When are we so perfectly mirrored in love that you move/ I move and neither one shows more or less affect?

I am weary of uneven bonds that fray because they are so carelessly tied.
I am bored by rational loves that shrink from the elegant flash of fire.
I find that I am withdrawing that part of me more and more.

That part of me that burns and yearns for more than the pedestrian shows of tepid affection I with-hold; the stupidly melodramatic part that wants a love to crack the world.

I will withdraw that, suppress the wanting of the untwined soul, but I will not take the complementary consolation prize either.

I won’t, so I will write them, these things, not live them.
It will, should be enough.
It must.

Confessions of a Therapy Junky


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