Tuesday, 30 December 2014


As Time and tides flow
Blood and memory thins
And no justice,
No outrage screams.

Tell me, my Hero
Do you stand tall?
Do you smile,
Broad and bold?

When you dream
Is there no cold
And dainty hand
Tossed flower torn
From a broken stem?

And does that hand
Not caress
Your memory?
Is there no distress?

Hear you not
The whispers
Of the innocent dead?

Or are you deafened
By the roar
"All Hail the conquering Hero!"

I send you now
A wish to gladden you
As they pin to your chest
The Star of a Saviour;´

I wish for you,
With all the power
The old-mothers wield,
That you to yourself
Be known and true:

Let no gilding light
Bedew your brow,
Let no lie cloud
Your inner sight.

See that hand,
Each night;
See it reach
Petal fingers
Strange and light,
Let it strum fear
From the ill-tuned
Chords of your
Deadened heart.

Dance to that tune,
McBride, dance all night;

I wish for music
In your head
Each night as you lie
On your bed.
Dance, McBride,
Dance with the dead.


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