Thursday, 13 March 2014


If I told him once
I told him
A thousand times:
Julius, don't go!
But would he listen?
NO! He HAD to go!

Him and that silly man
With the ear-fetish,
And that shifty-eyed
Wuss Brutus
About ambition
And sedition...
So he went!

And look what happened?
There's this great big rent
In his best toga!
And I'll never get that stain out!
I'll never forgive him for this!

Bad enough him going around
Slumming with that pole-dancer
In Alexandria?
Barging down the Nile...
Making a fool of himself
At his age, with his toupee...
Why he wore the Laurels!

"It didn't mean a thing Calpurnia!
I'll NEVER spurn you!"
Then that cheap bit
Shows up in Rome...
Oh I have suffered,
I'll have you know!

Now that Antonius
Is groaning
And moaning
And fiddling with
Octavia's earlobe
And going on
About the dogs of war?
Damn them all!

I didn't want to marry
The dictator of the world,
I just wanted him
To stay home.

Manuela Cardiga

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