Friday, 14 March 2014

Roman Phase: Connubial plights and nightly delights


Used to be
This hilarious
Stand up kinda guy.
I’m serious!

He only got peculiar
After Livia
(Cannibal mother
Devouring bitch)
Made him marry Julia.

You see,
She had a thing
(or was it a fling)
With this slave
From Nubia?

So Tiberius
Spoke to Valerius
And he got rid
Of the Nubian
Which roused
The famous
Julian temper
To unforeseen

She really didn’t like
Being deprived
Of her nightly delights?

So Tiberius
Ran off to Capri
In hopes of being free
Of the spite of his mother
And his adulterous wife,
And from such
Domestic strife
Does poor Rome’s
Plight derive.

Manuela Cardiga

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