Wednesday, 30 October 2013


I was loitering
Down the aisle
Picking out
Some stuff
For a better day -
Dinner - DINNER,
I meant to say!
A tin of this,
A pack of that;
And there,
Pushed to the back
On the top rack
Was a tin
With a label
With your name on it
And it said:
"Bring a smile
To your table!"

I threw it in the cart,
And saw another
Claiming to hold
The sweetest kiss
Harvested fresh -
And there again
You name in
Extra Bold...

I mumbled
Quite crossly
As I fumbled
For my purse:
"Isn't it enough
To have you
Constantly in mind?"

I frowned at the girl
Behind the till
And snarled
"Must I also find
Every ingredient
On my grocery list
Is something about you
I miss or missed?"

Manuela Cardiga

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