Sunday, 20 October 2013

Banking on Laughter To Save the World

I have this theory that monstrosity blooms in the hearts of the spiritually deformed - incapable of facing themselves as they are - but intelligent enough to realise that they are laughable.

Their solution is to drown their ridiculousness in fear, and so they do. Think about it. Most monsters start as buffoons.

If people had laughed at that ridiculous man with his floppy forelock, his erect forefinger, his squiggly moustache and his hysterical voice? then one of the greatest tragedies in human history would have been averted.
Laughter slays monsters, but only in their embryonic phase, before blood and terror fattens them to invincibility.

Laughter is deadly to the ridiculous.
I love laughter; true sincere laughter heals most pains and protects us from evil.

Here is the greatest speech ever delivered, by the greatest comedian that ever was. He proves that humour and humanism are inseparable, for humour tempers the fervour of humanism with a tenderness, without which it would become just another form of fanaticism.

After 73 years, please listen to the man.
Please, would someone FINALLY listen to this man?

Manuela Cardiga

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