Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Much Ado About a Lot of Da Bump and a Little Da Grind

Da Bump was a Knight on a Quest
For a warm place his great lance to rest,
He sought with a prayer for a year and a day
And thought he might seek yet in vain
Until he a high tower spied and a Keep
With siege walls both high and steep
He enquired and heard that inside
A fair Lady Da Grind did abide.

He rode to da gate
And with a cry he bade
“Fair Lady far did I ride
Oh open da gate
I just can't wait
So open it wide
And let me inside.”

Now De Grind she came to da wall
Looked down and later she swore
She never had seen a Knight so bold
With helm of silver and heart of gold

"My Lord," she cried
"I'd let you within
But woe is me
It cannot be
Da moat is dry
For I've never cried
And da Dragon inside
Will not let thee by!"

Now Da Bump it had been foretold
n Epic Prophecies of old
Was da very Knight both mighty and bold
With da wit to fill up the moat
Oh his cunning skill and strategy
Would surely end this tragedy!

Now this he knew to be true
Should the Lady cry
Da moat would flood
And da Dragon die…

So he ups with his lance,
Made his noble steed prance
And charged at da gate.
His target was clear:
He had no fear
He would fail at his mark
For it must be told
Da Bump was as bold
In da light as in da dark.
And such was his skill
That da Lady did sigh
And tremble and finally cry
For who could resist
Such a mighty knight
As Sir Goes Da Bump
In the night?

So da flood did rise high
As the Lady did cry,
The moat was a-bloat
As once was foretold-
And thus my dear friend
Da story doth ends
Of brave Sir Da Bump
And his Lady Da Grind.

Manuela Cardiga

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