Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Stock in Trade

If you would love me,
Be sure it is in equal measure
For I am determined to be
The very soul of mercantile endeavor.

Here is all my passion, what will you trade?
What can you trade?
I will draw up a ledger, open a new page:
If I give full measure of tenderness
I in return will take no less. Cash please!
No promissory notes to be paid at a later date
And no IOU's for kisses, NONE.
No more will I give the deepest treasures
Of my heart on credit and then whine:
Such love I gave, and was never repaid!

Oh never again.
Think you generosity proves us better hearts?
It shows us fools with no Art
For who has ever valued what is offered
At a discount on easy payments?
Have we bargain-basement hearts?

No, we shall trade day by day:
Monday you love me little, and I shall do the same;
If on Tuesday my stock rises, so will yours apace
But tomorrow, oh tomorrow

That line winds out of sight
Tomorrow who can say?
I may give full measure, take your soul in trade,
Or I may erase the pain,
Tear the page
And start again.

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