Sunday, 25 August 2013

ESSAY: Lady Truth

I have a friend called Truth.
Now that is a hard name to live up to.
Truth. Truth is difficult, painful, hard to bear, and rarely appreciated.

My friend is acquainted with all the hardships of truth. Life has strewn difficulties in her path, many difficulties and much pain. Some hard to even imagine bearing, and surviving. Yet my Lady Truth has not just survived, she has flourished.

She has shouldered bitter burdens and soldiered on, yet she has not become bitter. 
She is unassuming and modest, and selfless.

She has a buoyant joy in her, hard earned, and marvelous to see. She has been an inspiration to many and a good friend to me.
My friend is a teacher. She teaches disabled children IT skills, and clumsy adults how to dance. What I think she does not realize, is that her life is a living lesson. We can survive, we can overcome and still face tomorrow with a vibrant enthusiasm, an appetite for life and new challenges.
And a cha-cha-cha…

Whenever I feel sorry for myself, petulant and sulky, all I have to do is imagine what she’d say to me…

So now, boys and girls out there: I know times they be hard, I know sometimes just getting up and facing another day is enough to make you cringe.
I know it. 
Do I ever!!!!

So let’s try this:
Get up in the morning and do a Tango…
You know…One of those Tum-tum-tum-tum…turn and dip, sexy sneer around an imaginary rose…
I dare you to try it.
I promise you it helps.

God’s Truth!
And she never lies!