Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Shadow bright, no light

You met me on the shadow shore
And held out in offering your cupped hands.

The subtle glimmer of proffered stars
Trembled through your fingers.
This you said, was all the best
To garner from a loving heart.
And I, solemn as an enchanted child,
Took up and sheltered them in a velvet bag
Embroidered with a million sighs.

Oh but last night, the Moon went out,
And I, fumbling blindly in my bag
To scoop out one shimmering star to light
That encroaching dark
Closed fast my hand and drew it out.

No light issued, but a stinging pain.
And I unclasped to find the tawdry flash
Of broken glass and where my palm
Had grasped too eagerly,
My heart bled out.

Manuela Cardiga

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