Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Chronicles Of A Middle-Aged Vampire - Part 27

I ducked into a shower did the soap on a rope thing, then  shimmied into a pair of jeans and a long sleeved crisp white cotton shirt. After a look in the mirror, I slashed on a defiant red lipstick, stepped back into my heels, and draped my gran's opera length  pearls around my neck.

Out of habit I had tucked my hair back behind my ears, I tossed it free and tousled it. THERE!

Not cover-girl material, but not house-wife/mid-life drab either! A woman with experience, and a dash of classy sass... Yes! That was the new  Greta Schultz!

I was in the hall when the door bell clanged. Donnie!

"Hi!" I cried eagerly...and found myself looking at Rosa. She was looking the worse for the wear. Weeping and dripping tears and snot in equal measure and exuding a most tantalising scent!

"Greta!" She whined, "Save me!" And the stupid bitch extended her upraised wrists to me. Slashed wrists, dripping ruby-red aromatic blood.

A surge of heat blasted upwards from my stomach. I lunged at her, dragged her inside.

"I slept with him, with Frank...I...I..." She was crying hysterically, "I loved him! I loved him! I can't live without him!"

I smiled despite myself: "You may not have to!" I said and licked my lips.

Isn't life just wonderful? Who would have though you could get vampire take-away delivered right to your door just like Tele-Pizza?


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