Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Chronicles Of A Middle Aged Vampire - Part 29

So after I completed my obligations towards my bitch of a sister - delicious, by the way - I was finally dragged off by Donnie to that damned meeting...

I was so not looking forward to this. Donnie was leaving me no choice. I will admit I slumped in the passenger seat of his tweety-bird yellow car and nursed a pout all the way there.

"There" turned out to be a lugubrious warehouse in the least reputable part of town. The dank and dreary exterior was a contrast to the irritatingly cheery decor of the meeting room: Bright yellow walls, with painted gigantic white daisies with pink centers, and checkered lime green and white linoleum on the floor. Nice...White lights blazed down, supposedly to banish the dark shadows of our vampiric nature.

There was a semicircle of chairs and on the side, a long table offered snacks and drinks. But no blood. Not a drop.

The other members of the group were already sitting, brooding or slumping in the chairs according to their style or nature. Donnie steered me to a chair and parked me, folding his long frame into the seat next to me.

On the other side sat the Hulk, or his paler brother by another mother.

The guy was huge, ugly, and really built. He had long straggly not-too-clean blond hair and freaky eyes.

I smiled. "Hi" I'm Greta! I'm a vampire!"

He grinned and exposed gigantic teeth in a distressing state of decay and a pair of very nice sparkling fangs.

"Hi! I'm Gries. I'm a Viking berserker. I'm also a vampire."
His voice was nice and rumbling, soothing. He extended a giant hand and shook mine. "Welcome, Greta...To a fucking shitty immortal life."


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