Wednesday, 25 February 2015

We speak of God's silence when faced with the unspeakable, we blame "dark angels". We forget the great Covenant between every man and every God ever spoken of or dreamed: Free Will.

We are not, and cannot - must not - be saved from the consequences of acts of free will. Think of it. God cannot intervene, nor stretch out a hand. It cannot be, or we become no more than shadow puppets, obedient to His will, yes; safe and protected, oh yes...But no longer real. And God's great pain is loneliness, is it not? And if we become extensions of His will, every conversation is no more than mouthings before an imperfect, distorting mirror; He would be robbed even of love. Who can love a toy, stripped of will, and grief and joy? So we continue unsafe, embittered by that freedom, loved and loving by a God who insists on making us free that we may grow into Him.

Manuela Cardiga

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