Sunday, 8 February 2015

4 STAR REVIEW for SAMSON by Danie Adendorff on AMAZON

By Janet Riehl "Riehlife Village Wisdom for the ... (St. Louis, MO)

This review is from: Samson (Kindle Edition)

Danie Adendorff's writing in "Samson" is forceful and lyrical. It is apparently simple, yet sophisticated, as it presents so many facets of South Africa: its natural beauty, the intricacies of village life, love and struggle in the extended family, and the ravages of HIV/AIDS. It's a novel of social protest of the structure of South African society which allowed Apartheid to exist--and eventually begin to heal through the formation of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Courage and deception. Love and brutality. Community and the fear that destroys it. Gentleness and strength. Wisdom and ignorance. "Samson" gives its all to present the complexity of a society that folded in on itself and distorted the goodness in people, tribes, and a country. In 1948 Alan Paton published "Cry, the Beloved Country." Later that year the passage of a land law institutionalised Apartheid. More than 65 years later South Africa still staggers with that history of betrayal, secrets...and, yes, redemption.…/…/1507746652

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