Sunday, 8 February 2015


Oh love, love love…
Oh love sublime!

Must we believe
Those same old lies?

To be honest,
I’m too tired.

My feet hurt,
And my back
Is buggered.
I’m just too old,
Did I mention tired?

Tired, yes,
And frankly

So a man
Tells me
A story
About his
Latest victory
Sporting glory
Or (horror)
A gory agony
From his past
And I am agog
My mind reeling:

But when I tell
MY little story,
Why do I get
The sudden feeling
He finds it all
Quite boring?

“So happy for you…”
What kind
Of an answer
Is that?
“I don’t actually
Give a crap”
Is what it means
In men-speech…

Stuff that!
Get your pants
On, buster,
Get out of my life,
Go be bored
With your wife…

Manuela Cardiga

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