Monday, 11 November 2013

It is my Father's birthday toda. Miss you Daddy.

Daddy's Girls II

One man stands
Astride the narrow,
A bridge holding out
Through storms
Rain or doubt.

He stands
And holds
My hand when
I need to cross.

I may be afraid
But he holds
The narrow.
So I take heart
And instead
Of timidity
I stride out

I step outside,
Paint outside
The lines.
My train
Runs on time
Thought there are
No tracks.

Sometimes I waver
Fearfully I pause
To look back
To where he stands,
And he is with me
Holding still
The narrow
The bridge
The crossing
Not on any map.

His clear vision
His quiet strength
My compass yet.
So I take this step
And will take the next
With no fear of regret,
Because when I look back,
There he stands.

Manuela Cardiga

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