Sunday, 16 October 2016

ELLE KLASS' "Ruthless Storm Trilogy" comes to a mind blowing conclusion!

Book III
Tommy's Deception

Tommy and Eilida meet again at Flashers. The local college bar and their friendship develops quickly. Then a student is murdered in her dorm, another victim of the Hurricane Killer. The assailant is on the loose when Eilida’s apartment is broken into and she runs to Tommy for safety. 

She discovers Tommy's  birthday is the one day that makes her soul cry but is it only a coincidence?

The cards stack against him as she finds Tommy is hiding Astrological charts and Evan’s map, material that would have solidified a case against the Hurricane Killer; and Eilida discovers a ring that went missing the day she met Tommy at an astrology convention was present at Evan O’Conner’s murder scene. 

Did Tommy kill the monster? 
Or is he picking up where Evan left off? 
Will astrology give her answers?

The nightmares of Eilida’s past rush forward and everything points toward Tommy...


Unable to sleep and wanting the memories to leave him, he sat up in bed, then trudged towards the steps. Eilida stood close to the sliding glass door, her back towards him. The step creaked beneath his foot as she spun her head around. Her small frame jumped and the plastic glass in her hand dropped to the floor, water spilled everywhere.

Catching her breath. “You scared me.” She dropped her head and looked at the water puddled on the floor around her. “I’m sorry. I’ll clean it up.” She raced towards the kitchen. All that happened before Tommy could get a word out.

Rushing into the kitchen, he clutched her hand and drew her in to him. Small trembles emanated from her body. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

She peered into his blue eyes. “It’s not you, its storms. I was facing my fear.”

Anger rose inside Tommy. He hated Evan for what he did to her and the other girls and their families. He hadn’t decided if the dead ones were luckier than the victims Evan left alive. Chelsea Mora was an example. If she hadn’t suffered, would she have sought a boyfriend who was an abusive punk asshole?


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